Marbella Maid Cleaning Services Terms & Conditions


By scheduling a one time or recurring service with Marbella Maid Cleaning Services, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions

‘Marbella Maid Cleaning Services’ will provide the service as requested by the ‘Client’ in line with a pre-agreed scope. This document outlines the general ‘Terms and Conditions’ of the ‘Service’.

1. Definitions

1.‘MarbellaMaid Cleaning Services’ will be referred to as the ‘Service Provider’
2.‘Client’ shall mean the person or business making the booking
3.‘Pre-agreed Scope’ shall mean the service being booked in line with the service outliner 4.‘Late Payment’ shall mean outstanding financial balance(s)
5.‘Force Majeure’ shall mean any situation out of either the ‘Service Provider’s’ or ‘Client’s’ control

2. Pre-agreed Scope

The ‘Pre-agreed Scope’ shall mean the agreed scope of the booking. For example, if the ‘Client’ has booked a Holiday Rental cleaning service, ‘Marbella Maid Cleaning Services’ will therefore provide said service in line with the services outlined via the ‘Marbella Maid Cleaning Services website. Any additional services requested outside of the ‘Pre-agreed Scope’ booked will be charged as ‘extra’s’ and additional fee’s will be added.

All Cleaning Services: Bookings are strictly subject to availability on a first come – first served basis, we recommend 3 days notice for all bookings. Unless agreed at the time of booking. We do endeavour to provide the same cleaning team where appropriate or requested. However this may not always be possible due to holidays, absences, varying cleaning frequencies & other commitments.

All one off cleaning such as Move in/Move out cleaning, Deep cleaning or Spring cleaning requires 20.00€ refundable booking fee.

3. Charging Structure
Costs of our cleaning services are calculated on an hourly basis. (Example: 3 workers working 3 hours will total 9 hours @ €21/hour or €189.00.)

Collection of Keys: If we are required to travel to an alternative location to collect, and/or, drop off keys, a 20.00€ plus IVA each journey charge will be made and show on your final invoice.

Payments by Bank Transfer made from a ‘UK registered Bank’ will attract an additional transfer fee – currently 18.00€ plus IVA. UK account holders may bank transfer to any of the following;

Via Wise : IBAN BE89 9670 6947 3685
Via by Revolut: @piad1ux1

4. Payments for Services & Late Payment Charges

On completion of services. Should the customer not be present on the day of cleaning, payments must be made in advance of the cleaning service.

Marbella Maid Cleaning Services reserve the right to make additional charges for late payment.

Holiday Rental Clients – 3 days from invoice date of payment link request.

Should services be ended by either Marbella Maid Cleaning Services or the ‘Client’, any outstanding monies owed will become due immediately and payable to Marbella Maid Cleaning Services. Any items held by Marbella Maid Cleaning Services such as documents, keys etc, will be returned upon full payment of outstanding fees.

Consistent late payment will incur a 20% pre-payment for all future work.

5. Cancellations/ Booking amendments

A) In the event that the Client needs to cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment, forty-eight (48) hours notice to Marbella Maid Cleaning Services is required. Notice may be given by WhatsApp, SMS (text), or phone. Should the Client fail to give forty-eight (48) hours notice, the Client must pay 50% for the canceled cleaning first offense and 100% of the fee for canceled cleanings thereafter.

B) In the event the service cannot be delivered by ‘Marbella Maid Cleaning Services’, the ‘Service Provider’ will endeavour to inform the ‘‘Client’’ 48 hours prior to the booking. An additional date for delivery of the service(s) can be arranged and a 10% discount will be offered. Should ‘Marbella Maid Cleaning Services’ cancel the ‘Client’s booking with less than 47 hours’
notice, a re-arranged booking may be made for which ‘Marbella Maid Cleaning Services’ will offer a 25% discount to the ‘Client’.

C) Booking amendments : Any changes to details on your booking must be notified to Marbella Maid Cleaning Services email or WhatsApp. Changes are only confirmed once you receive back an email or WhatsApp confirming these changes have been accepted.

6. Service Dispute
In the unlikely event the ‘Client’ finds reason for complaint, this should be raised to the management team within 24 hours of completion of service. Any complaints raised after this period will not be considered. Complaints will be investigated, and feedback given upon conclusion of any investigation. Should the complaint be upheld, negotiations will be held with the ‘Client’ to reach an amicable conclusion.

7. Damages
All team members of ‘Marbella Maid Cleaning Services’ take the utmost care when delivering our cleaning and key holding services, it’s a fact of life that occasionally accidents / incidents do happen, ‘Marbella Maid Cleaning Services’ will take no liability for any damages that may occur during the delivery of the service unless through acts of gross negligence i.e., wilful damage in which case, compensation at current market value will be made on the strict understanding any claims for compensation is made within four calendar months from the event occurring.

8. Pets and Animals
The client will be responsible for the health and safety and the well-being of any members of staff from ‘Marbella Maid Cleaning Services’ whilst carrying out duties on your property. Any pets or animals must always be kept under control. Any attacks of any kind on any stag members of ‘Marbella Maid Cleaning Services’ will be deemed as an offence and reported immediately to the relevant authorities. Compensation will be sought for any injuries or loss incurred as a result of any pet / animal attacks.

9. Verbal and Physical Assaults
Verbal and Physical assaults on any member of staff from ‘Marbella Maid Cleaning Services’ will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If our staff feel intimidated or threatened in any way, the service will cease, and the relevant authorities will be informed immediately.

10. Our Team Members
Marbella Maid Cleaning Services invest a great deal of time and money with our team members, and we greatly appreciate all the hard work they do. There have been occasions when customers have approached our cleaners asking them to work directly with them thus cutting out Marbella Maid Cleaning Services. If this is found to have taken place, all services with that client will cease immediately and without any notice.

11. Force Majeure
Should either the ‘Client’ or ‘Marbella Maid Cleaning Services’ need to cancel the service(s) due to an ‘Act of God’, no charges will be levied by either party; this may include Government restrictions. There will be no financial penalties, or financial reimbursements, incurred by either parties should the client, or service provider become unavailable due to sudden serious illness, incapacity, or death.

This ‘Terms of Service’ document is non-exhaustive and subject to change without notice or consultation – Updated August 2023