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We've earned a reputation for providing reliable, honest and high quality cleaning services to our customers here on The Costa Del Sol. We also cover Marbella, Los Monteros, El Rosario, Elviria, San Pedro de Alcántara, Las Chapas, La Mairena, Cabopino, Calahonda, Riviera Del Sol and more..

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We've built a name for ourselves providing reliable, honest and high quality domestic cleaning services to homes and businesses all over the Costa Del Sol. Marbella housekeeping and cleaning services are performed by an experienced team of cleaners who can offer everything from regular cleaning to one-off deep cleans, holiday home changeover services to suit every need. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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We provide cleaning and housekeeping services in Marbella, Los Monteros, El Rosario, Elviria, San Pedro de Alcántara, Las Chapas, La Mairena and more..

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We have many different nationalities living in the Costa Del Sol. Our main workers are from the Philippines and they all speak perfect English.

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Great experience with MarbellaMaid. Judith and Pia did an excellent cleaning job for us today.

Jessica Birch


We have used MarbellaMaid for many years. They are very professional and I feel very confident that my home is secure during their visits.

Claire Bruin


My apartment  looks and smells amazing! I have always wanted to have a spotless home, but being a man I’m not very good at cleaning. Thankfully I have MarbellaMaid.

Callum Palmer


Welcome to Marbella Maid: Where Clean Homes Spark Joy on the Costa Del Sol

At Marbella Maid, we’re not just about cleaning; we’re about creating homes that radiate joy and comfort. We understand the importance of a clean and organized space, and that’s exactly what we bring to you in Marbella, Estepona, Sotogrande, Fuengirola, Mijas, and Calahonda on the beautiful Costa Del Sol.

Our Mission: Happy Homes, Happy Hearts

Our mission is simple: to make your home a haven of happiness. We believe that a clean and organized space is the foundation for a joyful life. It’s not just about the chores; it’s about the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is in expert hands.

Why Choose Marbella Maid?

  1. Local Expertise: We know the ins and outs of the Costa Del Sol. Our dedicated team understands the unique cleaning needs of homes in Marbella, Estepona, Sotogrande, Fuengirola, Mijas, and Calahonda. We’re not just a cleaning service; we’re your neighbors committed to enhancing the beauty of our community.

  2. Tailored Services: No two homes are the same, and neither are their cleaning needs. At Marbella Maid, we offer personalized cleaning plans that suit your lifestyle and preferences. Whether you need a one-time deep clean or a regular maintenance service, we’ve got you covered.

  3. Trained Professionals: Our cleaning experts are not just skilled; they’re passionate about what they do. Each member of our team undergoes rigorous training to ensure they deliver the highest standards of cleanliness. You can trust us to treat your home with the care and attention it deserves.

  4. Eco-Friendly Practices: We care about our planet as much as we care about your home. That’s why we use environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices. You can enjoy a sparkling clean home without compromising the health of your family or the environment.

  5. Flexible Scheduling: Life on the Costa Del Sol is vibrant and dynamic, and your cleaning service should adapt to your schedule. Marbella Maid offers flexible scheduling options to fit seamlessly into your busy life. You can focus on enjoying the sunshine, and we’ll take care of the cleaning.

Our Service Areas: Bringing Joy to Every Corner

  • Marbella: From the charming Old Town to the beautiful beaches, we ensure Marbella homes shine as bright as the Mediterranean sun.

  • Estepona: In this coastal gem, we bring a touch of sparkle to homes, making Estepona’s beauty extend beyond its picturesque streets.

  • Sotogrande: For the elegant residences in Sotogrande, our meticulous cleaning services enhance the luxury and sophistication of every home.

  • Fuengirola: From the bustling city center to the serene coastal areas, Marbella Maid is your go-to for top-notch cleaning services in Fuengirola.

  • Mijas: Amidst the hills and charming villages, we ensure Mijas homes are as welcoming and pristine as the landscapes that surround them.

  • Calahonda: Nestled between the sea and the mountains, our cleaning expertise extends to every corner of Calahonda, making homes here a true retreat.

The Marbella Maid Experience: More Than Just Clean

At Marbella Maid, we don’t just clean; we create an experience that transforms your home into a sanctuary. It’s about coming home to a place that feels not just clean, but also comforting and inviting. Our friendly team brings a positive energy that mirrors the vibrant spirit of the Costa Del Sol.

Get in Touch – Let’s Make Your Home Shine!

Ready to experience the joy of a sparkling clean home? Contact Marbella Maid today! We’re here to bring happiness to every home in Marbella, Estepona, Sotogrande, Fuengirola, Mijas, and Calahonda on the radiant Costa Del Sol. Let’s embark on this journey together, creating homes that radiate happiness!

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Practices: Nurturing Homes and the Environment

At Marbella Maid, our commitment to creating happy homes extends beyond spotless surfaces. We take pride in our eco-friendly cleaning practices, ensuring your home not only sparkles but also contributes to the well-being of the environment.

  • Green Cleaning Products: Our arsenal of cleaning products is carefully curated to include environmentally friendly options. We prioritize products that are biodegradable, non-toxic, and free from harsh chemicals. This not only safeguards the health of your family and pets but also minimizes the ecological footprint left behind.

  • Reducing Waste: In our pursuit of sustainable cleanliness, we actively work towards reducing waste. From employing reusable cleaning cloths to minimizing single-use plastic, every effort is made to ensure our cleaning practices align with the principles of environmental conservation.

  • Energy-Efficient Practices: Beyond the choice of cleaning products, our dedication to eco-friendliness extends to our operational practices. We optimize our processes to conserve energy, using efficient appliances and lighting to lessen our impact on the Costa Del Sol’s energy resources.

  • Water Conservation: In a region where water is a precious resource, our cleaning methods are designed with water conservation in mind. We employ techniques that minimize water usage without compromising the thoroughness of our cleaning services. This not only respects the local environment but also helps contribute to the broader global effort towards sustainable living.

In embracing these eco-friendly practices, Marbella Maid strives to create homes that not only radiate joy but also stand as beacons of responsible living on the Costa Del Sol.

Life on the Costa Del Sol: Where Sun, Sea, and Serenity Converge

Nestled along the radiant coast of southern Spain, the Costa Del Sol is a paradise where sun-drenched landscapes and vibrant communities come together to create a lifestyle unlike any other. Living on the Costa Del Sol is not just about having a home; it’s about embracing a way of life that harmonizes with the rhythm of the Mediterranean.

  • Sunshine All Year Round: One of the defining features of life on the Costa Del Sol is the abundant sunshine that graces the region throughout the year. With approximately 320 sunny days annually, residents revel in a climate that encourages an outdoor lifestyle and a constant connection with nature.

  • Beaches and Beyond: The allure of the Costa Del Sol extends to its pristine beaches, where the gentle lapping of waves becomes a soothing soundtrack to daily life. From Marbella to Fuengirola, each coastal town offers its unique blend of charm, culture, and the undeniable beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Charming Villages and Culture: Inland, the Costa Del Sol unfolds into picturesque villages like Mijas and Estepona, each exuding its own distinct character. Cobblestone streets, historic architecture, and lively town squares create an enchanting backdrop, inviting residents to explore and embrace the rich cultural tapestry that defines the region.

  • Gastronomic Delights: The Costa Del Sol is a haven for food enthusiasts, boasting a culinary scene that mirrors the diversity of its landscapes. From seaside chiringuitos serving freshly caught seafood to quaint tapas bars tucked away in village corners, every gastronomic experience is a celebration of local flavors and traditions.

  • Community Spirit: Life on the Costa Del Sol is not just about the stunning scenery; it’s also about the warm sense of community that permeates the region. Whether in the bustling streets of Marbella or the quieter corners of Calahonda, residents find a welcoming atmosphere that fosters connections and friendships.

In the midst of this vibrant tapestry, Marbella Maid stands as a dedicated member of the Costa Del Sol community. We understand the unique essence of life here and strive to enhance it by ensuring that your home reflects the joy and vitality that define this idyllic corner of the world.

As we embrace the eco-friendly practices that contribute to the sustainability of the Costa Del Sol, Marbella Maid invites you to experience not just a clean home but a harmonious lifestyle that aligns with the spirit of this extraordinary coastal paradise. Let us be your partners in creating a home that mirrors the beauty, warmth, and sustainability of life on the Costa Del Sol.